Membership Inclusions

    • No lock-in contract options. Choose the membership that meets your goals, be that 3 months, 6 months or 12 months
    • Online and mobile App booking system for our supervised trainer classes
    • Time controlled 48-minute gym workouts – maximise your time
    • New classes start every 25 minutes – convenience to book the one that suits your day
    • A welcoming and supportive gym environment
    • Fitness assessments available upon request
    • Unlimited workouts
    • Workout variety with 12 different class types available
    • Health, wellness and nutrition education
    • Additional challenges available when needed
    • Friendly, supportive staff who genuinely care about you, your goals and making a difference

Zone 123 Gym Class

At Zone 123 we tailor your membership to match the level of trainer supervision you require.

    • Beginner supervised modifications
    • Intermediate supervised modifications
    • Advanced supervised modifications
    • Team and Group supervised modification


Join our next fitness project.

Challenge yourself to get started on your new path to a happier and healthier you! At Zone 123 we regularly run challenges for new members, as a way to kick-start their journey and get a feel for what our gym is all about. We know you’ll love the fun welcoming atmosphere, and will be blown away by the great results you can achieve in a short time period. Enter your details below to receive information about our upcoming challenge.

Zone 123 Franchises

If you have dreamt about running your own business, but have been unsure whether to take the leap or how to even begin, then a Zone 123 franchise could be the pathway to becoming your own boss. Zone 123 provides a total workout experience for our members – physical, mental and emotional, and that’s why we are leading the way as the next generation of gym.

Did you know 80% of gym membership owners don’t actually go to the gym? Desire to be fit and healthy is high, but motivation is the sticking point. That’s why in a world of big brand gyms and 24/7 access centres on every corner, we are turning in the opposite direction. The market demands different.


At Zone 123 we offer group training to small classes, the number 1 preferred training method. Our ratio of qualified staff to participants allows our outstanding service to shine. We take the time to tailor programs specifically to the need of our members and work with them individually to reach their goals, providing much-needed support and encouragement along the way.

Community sits at the centre of all that we do, and positive social experience is what sets us apart. Our open door policy welcomes people from any age and stage, and challenges them to reach their goals in a nurturing and friendly environment. Our workout environment breaks down barriers and promotes a full range of movement so clients can maximise their time at the gym with us. Membership packages are great value, so we are competitive on price, without compromising on the value inclusions.

Our workout programs are named aptly after the zodiac signs, and offer great variety. Classes can be booked online, or via our purpose built App, and they start every 25 minutes. That means we offer over 80 classes per week! Motivation levels are high thanks to our fun friendly community, our open plan environment that removes bulky equipment and maximises space, and our ratio of trainer to member.

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