Zone 123 is the new generation of gym. Born from the latest research in the health and fitness industry, Zone 123 is about maximising time, effort and budget to drive the best possible results for our members, or our family as we like to refer to them. If you live near Maroochydore, Buderim, Sippy Downs or Mountain Creek, this is the local fitness centre for you!

We want working out to be something to look forward to, a social experience if you will. You won’t find any mirrors here, and you won’t need to queue for equipment. What you will find is a supportive team of experienced trainers, like-minded individuals and small classes capped at eight people.

Fun Fitness Classes Zone 123 Local Sunshine Coast Gym



Our experienced staff are here to keep you accountable and will be with you at each workout to ensure you are pushing hard, exercising proper technique and tracking against your goals.  We offer regular education on nutrition, health and wellness, with regular challenges throughout the year so you can step things up a notch when you wish to. You may have picked up on the fact that we are friendly folk at Zone 123, and we like to socialise. We organise regular activities with our members from charity fun runs through to tapas night outs, our fitness centre is not just a gym, it’s a place to make friends and work toward a happier, healthier lifestyle together.

Our fitness memberships are fantastic value for money, with a weekly price cheaper than just a single PT session. Come along to our Sunshine Coast gym as many times as you like each week, and be trained by a professional.

Qualified Trainers at Zone 123 Local Sunshine Coast Gym


We have 12 types of fitness classes in total, all named after the zodiac signs, and an open and imaginative gym space that allows you to get moving and have fun without the restriction of a machine. With a wide variety of fitness classes on offer, you can be sure that boredom won’t be an excuse any more. Our 47minute classes can all be booked via our App, and run every 25minutes, so you can reserve your workout at a time convenient to you. Our workouts are split into three sections – warm up (8mins), conditioning (32mins and warm-down (7mins).  

What to expect

Aquarius – Stretch
& Achieve

Make your body as long as possible, exercise your joints, push your mental limits and see how close you can get to finishing the Aquarius. Saturday is the only day of the week you get a shot at this one!

Pisces – Adaptability

A desire to work well with change and easily adjust on the fly. You will need to demonstrate an open mind, listen to alternative ideas and approaches to training, come up with creative or innovate ways to solve problems and can adjust your body to meet the workout demands. Thursday is your day to adapt!

Aries – No Fear

Enthusiasm and passion will get you through this session. Embrace the challenge and go for gold and push yourself as far as you can, unleash the Aries in you and you won’t be disappointed in the result! Tuesday is the only day to experience Aries.

Taurus – Bull Run

Like the Bull Run in Pamplona prepare yourself for an exhilarating release of endorphins. Embrace the unknown and give it 100%, you will be rewarded mentally, emotionally and physically every Monday or Friday.

Gemini – Twice As Hard

If you thought living with a Gemini is hard try working out as one. You will be challenged with exercises not just once but twice, use this session to master some movements and burn calories at an unforeseen level. Turn up on a Wednesday to experience this one.

Cancer – No Sympathy

No Sympathy for the devil, keep that in mind! Buy the ticket, take the ride, and if it gets a little crazier than what you had in mind, well… chalk it off to forced physical engagement. Turn up, freak out, get beaten! Monday and Thursday are your days!

Leo – High Energy

Burst at the seams, energy has no boundaries. Bring everything with you lay it on the table and see what you’ve got. Burn massive calories and achieve your goals. This is either a great start or end to your week for a Sunday.

Virgo – Hard Work

The price of success is Hard Work, dedication to the workout at hand and the determination to complete all the exercises to the best of your ability. Never give up, never stop believing and never stop pushing the limits. Wednesday, hump day!

Libra – Balance

Overcome your barriers, do your best and be prepared to be patient. Keep yourself centred and when you lose your balance get back up and have another go, this is the key to success. Friday and Monday hold the balance of the week.

Scorpio – Intense

The intensity required in this workout is like describing the severity of an earthquake in terms of its effects on the earth’s surface and on humans and their structures. Bring it or go home, Tuesdays only!

Sagittarius – Adventurous

Be daring, get ready to experience a workout like never before, let go of form and technique and just have fun with movements that will challenge you in every way possible. Thursday is your day to unleash your adventure!

Capricorn – Perserverence

Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destination- your goals! Have an aim in mind, continuously apply effort and hard work so you can enjoy the outcome of your perseverance! Saturday is your day!


It’s easy to secure your spot in a fitnesas class by booking via our purpose built Zone 123 App. Book as early or as late as you like, but remember class times are capped at 8 people so we recommend getting in early if you really want to make your favourite class.

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